Intermediate workouts. Everything you need to know

October 4, 2019

Intermediate audio guided runs

Herd is the one stop shop for people looking to step up their running game

Intermediate workouts are designed for people who want to push themselves harder and looking to:

* make running on treadmills less boring and more inspiring

* running longer

* run faster

* run more frequently

* train for a 5k race

* not have to figure out the right music or podcast: Herd is all in one!

How it works

We worked with Pro running trainers to record training plans for Intermediate runners

Some workouts you can find today when you Download the app.

* Uptempo summer run Benjamin 30 min High Intensity run is great for all levels. You will build speed and endurance and get some strength training at the end.

HIIT - 30 min tempo run Today TJ teaches a progression run. 10 min easy, 10 min medium, 10 min hard. The playlist will have a lot of happy chill pop songs

We're adding new workouts every week!

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Our first users are delighted. Nami from NYC says

I really enjoyed it. Herd was pushing me in a very good way”

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