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October 1, 2019

Running needs motivation

Running is a challenge for the body, but also for the mind. When you get started, it’s challenging to know where to start. Personal coaches are expensive, and you may be afraid of hurting yourself with the wrong footstrike. As an everyday runner, you often lack motivation to complete runs on your own, or push a few extra miles. Treadmill runs can be even more boring. Runners try to play music or podcasts, but it never quite matches the mood and is cumbersome to change. 

Herd is the solution

Herd aims to boost your runs by providing high quality content by runners for everyone to make runs more inspiring.

Professional coaches

Our team of coaches will inspire you to dig deeper and push harder. They will also give you some tips to improve your running form and they might even crack a joke here and there.

Curated playlist

Research shows good music boosts performance. Our curated playlist will match your running style

Designed for everyone

Whether you already run regularly and need a boost, or you're just getting started with running, there's a workout for you. Choose from Beginner or Intermediate Guided workouts in the app.

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Our first users are delighted. Nami from NYC says

I really enjoyed it. Herd was pushing me in a very good way”

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