Beginner runs. Everything you need to know

October 4, 2019

Beginner audio guided runs

Herd is the one stop shop for people looking to get active and start running with no prior experience

Beginner workouts are designed for people who want to get into running looking to

* know what to do: it's hard to know where to get started: Herd provide a simple audio with instructions to follow

* running to loose weight

* running to feel better: you will feel better on the day you do a Herd run, and subsequently if you keep doing it!

How it works

We worked with Pro running trainers to record trainings

Some workouts you can find today when you Download the app.

* 25 min run/walk: Run/Walk intervals are great workouts for beginners. TJ will get you moving, and the music will make you feel good (hip hop, pop)

* Fun Fall Power walk: It's fall! Get this fresh guided audio workout and run on a treadmill or outdoors. From our lead coach Ben!

We're adding new workouts every week

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Our first users are delighted. Nami from NYC says

I really enjoyed it. Herd was pushing me in a very good way”

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